ACT Police praise Canberra’s compliance with COVID-19 prevention measures

by Madeleine Riddell

The ACT police have been able to announce that they are pleased with the Canberran communities dedication to COVID-19 prevention, especially amongst those self-isolating.

In a statement released by ACT policing, 100% of people that were visited by officers and ESA workers for compliance checks were following regulations and self-isolating.

Although the overall consensus is that Canberrans are doing the right thing there are still reports of people not abiding by prevention measures in the ACT, such as notices given to businesses not complying with regulation measures. Detective Superintendent Jason Kennedy highlighted information regarding the recent fines and notices issued.

The praise from ACT Police comes around a week after a Victorian man was fined for breaching lockdown and visiting Canberra.

The current outbreaks across Victoria and New South Wales are a reminder that despite the positive response regarding COVID-19 prevention, Canberrans still need to follow social distancing rules.

Watch the above video for more information.