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Gen Z vs 2021- 22 Federal Budget

The 2021-22 Federal Budget has been a hot topic of discussion for many Australians. But, what is not usually considered is the perspectives of our …

Informing Students: Mice Plague

This week on informing students, we speak to Anthony Burgess, a farmer who has been dealing with the mice plague and has spent far too …

You Can’t Handle the Youth

A collaboration between Charles Sturt University students aims to bring awareness to contemporary Australian issues through a variety of productions.

New exhibition at museum

https://youtu.be/CoxQ5cV9Ock A high energy exhibition about Australian boxer Pat Ford began this week at the Orange Museum.

Bathurst’s vet on wheels

Dr Jack Holman is a large animal veterinarian who is a partner of Mudgee Veterinary Hospital. As of the 11th of May, Jack will be …
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