ACT healthcare services set to receive government funding

By Madeleine Riddell

Image: Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra
Audio: Canberra healthcare services set for government funding (2mce Radio)

Healthcare services dedicated to vulnerable people in Canberra are grateful to the ACT Government following a pledge to fund 2.5 million dollars into local healthcare services.

The Junction Youth Services, Companion House, and Directions house services were identified as the designated healthcare services that will receive funding over the course of the year.

Practise manager at the Junction Youth Services, Anet Marinov, was able to explain what the extra funding entailed for the organisation, as well as the community they aid.

The Junction Youth Services assists young people between the ages of 12-25 with a variety of different services,  including services designed to help those at a disadvantage in the Canberran community.

The funding is designed to ensure all members of the Canberran community, including people who may be at a disadvantage, have healthcare services available to assist them.

Listen to the audio above for more information.