ACT pledge to fund 25 street artists and commission more in Canberra rejuvenation project

By Madeleine Riddell

Canberran streets will be getting a revamping following an announcement by the ACT Government, pledging to fund local Canberran artists during a time of financial hardship.

10 thousand dollar grants are being given to 25 local artists to support those hit hard by Covid-19’s economic impact.

In a press release from the ACT Government the minister for transport and city services was quoted as saying, “This will provide much needed help for our local artists to support them as they pursue a new project or by simply reducing the burden of ongoing fees and expenses.”

The artists are being commissioned to decorate public and private buildings, including shopping malls, squash courts, and walkways among many more locations.

The decision was said to be made following community feedback, and it is believed that community involvement in the art projects is to be expected.

It is believed that the public spaces where artwork will be commissioned are hotspots for graffiti and that hopefully having artwork already up will discourage potential graffiti artists from targeting these areas.

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