Two dogs victim of crocodile attacks on pet-friendly beach

By Brooke Cooper.

Palm Cove, a popular tourist destination in tropical Queensland, is currently home to a saltwater crocodile estimated to be three metres in length and responsible for attacking two pet dogs.

A trap has been set for the crocodile, which once caught will be moved to a more suitable habitat, but until then the public is urged to be cautious and stay out of the water.

The same crocodile is believed to have been spotted in the area in April this year, around the time of a non-fatal attack on a dog.

Late last month, a second attack was reported, this time resulting in the pet being taken and unable to be found.

The dog’s owner heard a yelp, followed by a splash, with only a ripple left where he last saw his beloved pet.

These attacks have resulted in dog owners travelling to other dog-friendly locations to exercise their furry family members.